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Reduce stress and renew energy with your personal Heritage Healers wildflower essence therapy.

How Flower Essences work
Flower Essences capture the healing qualities of a particular flower; offering a unique way of rebalancing the whole person, body, mind and spirit. They work internally, dissolving stress and tension from within, to enhance your inner vitality, energy levels and well-being.

In many healing traditions, our natural disposition is believed to be one of perfect health and happiness. Unfortunately, all kinds of shock and stress conspire to shift us from this state of grace. Given the right impetus, self-healing can be kicked into gear.

Flower Essences act as a catalyst to bring our energies back into balance so that we can begin to reach the potential for perfection which resides within our energetic blueprint. They have this capacity because they are able to vibrate at frequencies close to those of our own subtle energies.

The Flower Essence pathway
Flower Essences appear to follow a particular pathway through the subtle anatomy. After a few drops are placed under the tongue, the essence is taken up by the bloodstream before moving directly into the meridians, or energy channels, that feed the life-force, or qi, into the body.

The meridians form an energetic interface between the higher frequency subtle bodies & the physical body. Because of their ethereal nature, flower essences are at first attracted to the subtle bodies. From here their beneficial vibrations filter down into the physical body through the etheric body, chakras & the skin.

A flower essence will also be instantly drawn to any place where vibrational imbalance exists. These areas act like a sponge, soaking up the essences' healing energy.

Re-balancing occurs as stress and toxicity, in the form of disharmonious frequencies, is flushed from the system.

Combining Flower Essences with other therapies
Flower essences can be used in conjunction with both complimentary and orthodox medicines because they are totally safe and free from any side effects.

They are a perfect complement to all kinds of natural healing therapies, particularly aromatherapy, massage and acupressure, enhancing their effectiveness in relieving symptoms and speeding the rate of recovery.

Flower essences and essential oils work particularly well together. As they both belong to the plant world, they have a special affinity for one another.

Generally speaking, the vibration of the flower essence is higher and more ethereal than that of essential oils. While essential oils tend to work primarily at the physical level, they can also have some psychological benefits. Flower essences, in contrast, concentrate their influences mainly on our thoughts and emotions, benefits which then filter into the physical body.

... Used in combination the benefits of each become more profound and far reaching.

Selecting Flower Essences
When selecting flower essences, and the essential oils to complement, always opt for those whose qualities are most relevant for that particular person.

With Heritage Healers unique range of holistic healing therapies, selecting the appropriate flower essences and essential oils is easy, simply follow the links to discover your persona.