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Everyone can collect all 4 elements of aromatherapy oil blends. You can use a different blend daily, depending on your bio-rhythms, mood and schedule.

By working with different oil blends, the body senses are continually stimulated and harmonised by the especially selected essential oils and crystals.

Added to a bath, used in a massage, in your oil burner or blended with our body moisturiser, these pure essential oils provide an aromatherapy treat to support and strengthen you through the toughest day.

The Earth oil blend grounds you, enhancing feelings of stability and security, peacefulness and contentment; uplifting to the spirit when we find ourselves a little depressed or low and need a 'pick me up'.

Bringing you the sensitive, emotional sympathy of Water's essence; encouraging compassion, insight and relaxation for when we feel too sensitive and vulnerable, (that time of the month for women) - when we have the 'leave me alone world' feeling.

The Fire blend ignites passion and drive; motivating energy and achievement for when we are feeling tired, burnt out (the marathon lifestyle) or to calm us when we have too much energy.

The Air blend enhances communication and opens the mind; generating clear, creative thinking, great for when we are doing promotions, training, any time we need to be alert, e.g. meetings.

After a shower or bath rebalance your energy and skin with a healing infusion of organic herbals, wildflower essences and aromatic essential oils.

Simply combine your chosen aromatherapy oil blend with our high performance body moisturiser, the Chakra Body Essence, in your hand and apply for an all-over body rejuvenating treat.

The refined Macadamia base oil, rich in Vitamins A, D and E, is wonderfully nourishing to the skin, while the Chakra Body Essence assists in the absorption of the aromatherapy oil blend into the skin so we don't feel 'sticky'.

The beautiful natural fragrance of the world's finest essential oils will support you through the whole day!

The best way to use the Pure Essential Oil Blends (12ml) is to add a few drops to your aromatherapy vapouriser, or in your bath. Choose the blend to match your mood. Pure Essential Oil Blends, (just a drop or two), can be combined with our body moisturiser, the Chakra Body Essence.

Important - Do not apply Pure Oil Blends directly to the skin.

Special Note for using essential oils during PREGNANCY:
We recommend that NO aromatherapy products, including Heritage Healer's Oil Blends, should be used during pregnancy.